Saturday, 27 November 2010

a new camera

i have become fed up of canon their products which are not cheap are crap in the build quality.maybe its just me and bad luck but out of 7 products 4 let me down

350d= no problems
40d= shutter failed on 24768 clicks just after the warranty ran out
50d= no problems
100-400= zoom failed had to be sent back twice
400 l= no problems
50mm 1.8= just fell apart after 1 day
bg e2n grip= got stuck on the 50d had to be taken apart to get the dam thing off

so i was in the market for a new system, nikon looked good but very expensive, so i thought about sony but a lack of lenses,im not including sigma as they are cheaper and in my opinion from what ive used are crap.
then i saw the sony nex-5, interchangeable lenses and with a converter they can be used with all of the sony/minolta range! so off to town i went after what seemed like ages i walked out of the shop with it.
i got the twin lens kit which is the 16mm and the 18-55mm zoom, so far im very impressed with it.........very small,well built hopefully tomorrow i can put it through its paces


Stewart said...

Darrell, how do you get that Bubo listing thing on your blog like that? I've just p ut my county list on there and would like to put the gadget on....

Cheers Stewart...

darrell j prest said...

stewart it took me ages to work it out so here goes

1 log in to bubo
2 go to your lists
3 click the star next to your list
4 follow the instructions on the pop up
5 copy and paste code into your blog

bubo is not the easiest of sites to navigate!!!

hope it helps


NigelK said...

What telephoto or zoom lens with a focal length suitable for birds will you have to buy?

darrell j prest said...


im going to buy a adaptor for around £30 then i can choose what i like and even use my canon lenses on it,the camera has an in built 10x zoom so im sure anything over 200mm would be ok

Stewart said...

Thanks Darrell, sorted....