Sunday, 21 November 2010

siddal to swalesmoor

very quiet bird wise today

common gull 43 coal pit lane
pied wagtail 2 beacon hill
fieldfare 109 shibden
dipper 1 dean clough
grey wagtail 1 dean clough
sparrowhawk 1 shibden

horse gin
crooked lane
catherine slack
Black Boy Farm
once home to Dr Crippen and John Christie!!!!!

whiskam dandy


Nick Carter said...

Loving this local history stuff, Dr Crippen, Christe! Tell us more.

darrell j prest said...

what do you want to know? nick

Nick Carter said...

I guess I'm just showing my ignorance but I didn't realise they both had local links, were their murders committed around here?

darrell j prest said...

no the murders were comitted in the small hamlet of london