Friday, 26 November 2010

spain 1999

in response to nick dawtreys photo on his blog

firstly spain for birding is awesome just the numbers and species are fantastic.

nick d, ady z, andy c and myself spent a week birding southern spain, no better bunch of birders could be found anywhere,we were lean,mean and keen apart from ady who boasted he never had shit in the week!
we hired a ford fiesta which when we returned it was fucked! god knows how many miles we put on the clock but many of the roads were crap,the road alongside the guadalquivir river was so bad in places we had to get out just to get the car out of the potholes.

andy c is chef of some repute and many people in halifax have enjoyed his fine cooking,but in spain i seem to recall him just eating out of a tin of cassorelle and eating chorizo in the supermarket.
on the plane home he bought us all beer,infact he bought all the beer on the plane.

nick d had his first taste of chicken!! on the plane, though well remembered for his pissed up attempt at trying to stand a aerosol can up,which is still to this day the funniest thing i have ever seen though the electric fence indecent at whitby is a good second.

as for myself i spent the time driving to bird sites phoning my 17 year old girlfriend and buying beer from the many vending machines
without trawling through the notebook the best birds for me were

black wheatear
rock bunting
rock thrush
azure winged magpie
thekla lark
little bustard

myself and 'heavy birder'
note my bausch and lomb elites and nicks swift audubon

ady z, nick d and andy c
at the little bustard site

Egyptian Vulture


NigelK said...

I spent a week around Tarifa and Zahora and through southern part of Andalucia meself. Still probably the best short birding holiday in Europe I've had.

Stewart said...

Aye Darryl, its the bollocks. For me a week in the Pyrenees takes it. Wallcreeper, Citril Finch, Lammergeier, plus boat loads of butterflies, even a stop for a piss could take 2 hours to get back in the car!

heavy birder said...

Didnt know you had any photos of this trip Darrell, just nicked two of them hope you dont mind.