Monday, 1 November 2010

sunday fairburn ings and bubwith ings

a short visit to fairburn ings around lunchtime if only to see some birds,well mainly diving ducks which i have had a long time interest in,but alas too misty,in the hour i was there i could only muster willow tit,water rail and a few pintail.
bubwith was dry so only tree sparrows though some one did try to make a group of grazing sheep in to swans.
all in all a crap day!!

found some old photos heres the first.......................

pigeon on
the Empire State Building
July 2001

here's a heron sat in a bush at fairburn yesterday

the only working coal mine in yorkshire the BIG K


AndyC said...

Im sure there were waxwings at Green Withens today on birdguides .....was that you..???

darrell j prest said...

not me