Tuesday, 2 September 2008

black stork......................fuck you!

1985 a day trip to the lake district with parents drove past loads of birders looking at a black stork(i had only been birding a month!)

1998 drove to northumberland the bird flew off as i was passing the angel of the north

2007 angelsey this one flew off 5 minutes before i arrived.

2008 no sign at cawood on the saturday,but my parents saw it on the thursday!!!!!!and just to rub it in even more it was the otherside of wheldrake on saturday!!!!!

today the fucking thing flew off as i was 3 miles away!!!!!!!!!!

so fuck you black stork your a shit bird and i hope i never see one.

so spurn,when its good,its good but when its quiet,its shit.


marsh harrier
(in off)

common darter


abbey meadows said...

Love the shot of the harrier. Black stork is a bogey bird for a number of Northumbrian birders. I got a two second glimpse of the 1998 bird disapearing into a cloud from the car as it left for Suffolk but I don't have it on my list. I need better views than that. I don't think I will ever see one in the UK.

Boulmer Birder said...

Get in, I'm pleased its not just me that twitches them and dips ;)

I was with Nigel ( Abbey Meadows) at the 98 bird, I went twice for the Grantshouse bird 2 years ago, and couldn't get away for this years knacker.

I had a similar rant to Dean ( Mostly Macro) last week...

Sooner its in Spain the better I reckon.

Warren Baker said...

Just found your blog through boulmer birders blog. Fucking good site!! Like the humour.

PS I once had a Black stork over my patch. Not as exciting as a firecrest!

Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

best laugh I have had blogging to date, not you dipping out but the humour of your last few postings.