Wednesday, 17 September 2008

brown flycatcher ,flambourgh 2007 and that snipe

another one off the list!

yep an adult! how many adult birds from siberia turn up in the uk in autumn?
not a great many,less than 1%,most are first winters.

the brown flycatcher it was an adult,aged by the brighter wing bar and tail shape.
and the great snipe at flambourgh may just be a common snipe! but as usual its more confused than that.
phil c found the 'bird' it was flushed 6 times prior to 11am,confirmed by andrew lassey as a 'great snipe'


AndyC said...

I would'nt tippex it out yet.!No definate decision has been made yet.1% is a lot in the grand scheme of things.

NigelK said...

Only seen 3 Great Snipe in my life, including one at Spurn. That bird put on a handsome display, flying in a nice straight line at least 3 times, no towering, nowt.