Thursday, 18 September 2008

sssshhhh i had a load of t**t*

well much better weather today after the last fews days and finally some birds

it seemed quiet but meadow pipits were moving over in small numbers,and headed south west after a brief stop on the south dam puddles for a wash and drink(its like a cheap service station)
also on the dam were 42 t**te,sorry i cannot mention the name,but the twiteaholoics will be banging on about rings etc,ok one had enough rings on it that it could not fly!
the bracken to the north held 2 whinchats and 1 stonechat.
bird of the day was yellow wagtail which dropped in on the south dam on the way back,a nice year tick. it was with 8 meadow pipits,and settled in the ditch,it looked settled but my friend and her 2 dogs came bounding along! oh well at least a flight shot of the bird.which was the first for halifax this year!!!!!!

yellow wagtail


DorsetDipper said...

Twite bling?

darrell j prest said...

ssshhh the twiteaholics will be after you.
i catch tw**e myself but only to take the 'bling' off.

i bet tw*t* is a good bird in dorset?theres one in the post!

Warren Baker said...

Swap you a yellow wag. for a T...e!!