Sunday, 14 September 2008

more bempton.....its great for east european hotties

bempton is the place on the east coast of yorkshire to see hot east european women,fact.this afternoon 3 stunning women(with bins) walked north,maybe i should put the news out?

walked the cliff north to buckton,a spotted flycatcher and redstart little else apart from a sparrowhawk.around the car park more spotted flycatchers and 2 redstarts.
just like the last influx of honey buzzards ive missed them this time.


spotted flycatcher


just after i left news broke of a 'possible' savi's warbler at flambourgh,though soon after i arrived it was just a reed warbler!
quite a few low listers headed to spurn for a pallas's grasshopper warbler,given spurn's recent seemingly news blockage it would not surprise me if this had been seen much earlier!!!!

though i think 'birdforum' is crap most of the time i liked this by 'lawts'

My words from last Sunday!! What a difference a week makes in birding. The views on the 14:00pm flush were very poor - brief and in thick fog. Nevertheless I'm having it based on its bulk, its silent rise, and its low straight flight. Also, a birder on site (and I still don't know how) managed a couple of record shots showing the bird to have a deep keel and long wings.

thats me that is!!!!!

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Ipin said...

The new header oic makes the WITH look even more dark and foreboding...Scary place!!