Saturday, 13 September 2008


dawn the 'with'

up to 60 meadow pipits grounded by the thick mist,which as usual were all along the south dam wall,also 15 twite (non ringed) apart from that very quiet though a male mallard on the res is the first in september.
at 10:15 a text off 'rare bird alert'(other rare bird company's are available,but shit) about a GREAT SNIPE at flambourgh.
back to the car and off!
at just over 2 hours later(due to other road users who don't realize theres a great snipe at flambourgh) first off a tame little stint,very nice thankyou.

then a birder comes up to me and says

'where is the flush taking place of the great snipe'

me 'in the field were it was last seen'

'yes but where are we meeting?'

me 'by the field where it was last seen'

i looked at the barnsley birder with disdain and left.
only to see daz ward and tracey.who were lucky enough to find the parking ticket machine out of order(dam them slow drivers could of saved me £3)
after a coffee(cheers daz i owe you one)we headed to the field after a few minutes....................



after taking the worst ever photos of a great snipe,a walk down old fall.

redstart 2
pied flycatcher 1
spotted flycatcher 2
whinchat 1
garden warbler 1

on the sea 4 arctic skuas
little stint

and to end the day a wryneck below the lighthouse

a fantastic afternoon with some great people

daz ward+tracy
dave mansell


abbey meadows said...

Great day. Missed out on great snipe earlier this year but I wish I could have got a pic of the Wryneck I saw the other day like yours. Excellent post.

DorsetDipper said...

smashing photos. Feel like I was there with you. But sadly I wasn't.

East Ayton Birder said...

Great photo of the snipe in really poor conditions - exactly as I saw it.

Pushed for time today Darrell, have to get together for a mornings birding at some point this autumn.



Warren Baker said...

cool wryneck pic. Oh for a Wrynek on my patch!!