Saturday, 20 September 2008

3 yankee waders and it was crap

started at the 'with' early doors,but not early enough as the mad bagpiper of brigadoon had beaten me to it(twat) then mountain rescue were holding a training day,but i only saw them eating bacon butties! as for the birds twite 36 goldfinch 21 wheatear 1 reed bunting 4

mad bagpiper

bacon butties

then ensued the worst days birding of the year

picked up nick at 1120 yes a good 40 minutes before noon!
headed for alkborough flats in yellow belly land.i felt like ringing RBA and saying.......................

'wilsons phalarope still at alkborough flats but so distant dont bother its just a white splodge'

at one point i admit it did come to about half a mile away!

dead thing

then on to hatfield moor for the pectoral sandpipers,this was shit as well because the who ever found them could not give directions.with a bit of luck we found them.

nick puts the boot in
'no fungi were hurt in the taking of this photograph'

2 pectoral sandpipers

phising in the bushes

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Warren Baker said...

Mad bagpipers!
Thats a good 'un. To think I that I was pissed of by the low flying aircraft, dogwalkers, noisey kids...blh...blh...blh!