Sunday, 28 September 2008

you know there's fuck all on the east coast when you go to the west

the last stilt sandpiper i saw in 2001 was nice and close,but todays was as usual distant.still a good bird and never realised how close the solway is to home.i had never been to this part of the country before.carlisle is in the middle of nowhere but has loads of police.
driving the roads to campfield marsh the locals had that 'children of the corn' look about sure i saw a father and daughter pushing their 3 children down the dont need a secret cellar in these parts.
im afraid that was it,left home at 11:15 picked up nick d and got home at 20:00.


stilt sandpiper(left)

rain sets in over scotland

on the way home stuck in traffic for an hour,chatting to nick about how all the really good birds are found midweek and go by the weekend,just like the brown shrike.
i came up with what maybe the most genius idea i have ever had.................................

tranquilize the fuckers

yes i think its the way forward.


take the brown shrike found late wednesday and gone by friday.
so using my new patented 'tranquilize birding'(tm).the shrike could of been caught and rung then tranquilized,kept safe with wires and tubes i think maybe,then revived on saturday morning,placed on the same hedge,result everyone see's it.


no more stressing
a nice easy drive to save fuel and costs,also no speeding points
you will see the bird
the farmer makes more money for charity


it may die

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Boulmer Birder said...

Great minds think alike eh!